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Antonio "Nino" Corbo has been making pizza since he was a child at his parents Italian restaurant located in Hudson, NY.  By the time he was a teenager, he knew how to make pizza, cook in the kitchen and wait tables at "Il Colloseo", the busy restaurant his parents owned right outside Albany.  After graduating from Hudson High School in 1988, he attended SUNY Cortland where he played football, and pursued a degree in sociology.  During his senior year, he met his wife, Jennifer, who was pursuing a degree in health science and athletic training.  Graduating in 1993 and then getting married in 1995, Nino and Jennifer moved to Bethel, CT, to help Nino's parents run Capri Pizza, which they bought in 1994.  Two children and 15 years later, they are running a very successful business and are living the "American Dream" in beautiful Bethel, CT.
Capri's Pizzeria
The Original Hand Tossed
 "New York Style"
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